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IUBAT Nursing Society (INS)

The IUBAT Nursing Society (INS) was created by students as a forum for discussion and recreation. In addition to having fun members of the INS have also volunteered to accompany illiterate community members to medical appointments and in some cases assist with home nursing care.

Recently the INS expanded its activities to include a new “Street Nursing” program. The program is completely organized by senior students and involves offering basic health assessment, counseling and referral services at varied locations in the community. Students are adding a data collection component with a view to creating an ethical research base for health information.

Although the INS has faculty advisors to provide mentorship and guidance, initiation of programs, accounting, leadership and management are all carried out by the students.

The voluntary activities of the INS suggest that the CON has been successful in interesting and motivating many of its students to use their knowledge to benefit their society.